GT3 RS 4.0 Details


Looks like the 600 unit limited production of the GT3 4.0 has one slightly second hand example following a road accident outside Nurburgring involving another Porsche and a Chevrolet. See the report at Motor Authority for details and a very sad picture of the 4.0.

Another breathless
review of the 997 GT3 RS 4.0, this time from Winding Road magazine. Do check out the accompanying video to the article, especially the sound of the 4.0 accelerating at about 2.41 into the video. Awesome sound! As great as this car seems to be, even by epic GT3 standards, it just makes you wonder what the 991 series GT3 will be like. Particularly so given the very positive reviews of the 991 Carrera S so far. I, for one, can't wait!


Anybody want a 4.0 litre 997-2 GT3RS??? How much do kidneys sell for these days?? Love those front 'dive' aero plates. And the engine, and the rear wing, and the rest quite frankly. Details from the official Porsche GT3 'microsite' here.